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UB Environmental Concern

UB groups value about the importance of safety and sustainability of the materials and resources. In order to ensure the high-quality and safeness of UB’s product, environmental friendly material are used for the product resources. For examples: Recyclable aluminum  used as the resources make recycling easier at the end of the life cycle of the product. Ecologically oriented and sustainable material resources for the desk and work station production.

UB groups try our best to protect our earth in the manufacture progress. At the same time we do concern the healthy and safety of the user. In order to ensure the good quality of air, non toxic or heavy metals material are not used for the color coating.UB office furniture provides a wide range of product mix help to create and enhance the working environment. A wide range of products including: Panel System, Desking System Desking series, Conference and Meeting Series, Seating, Storage, Executive desk, Sofa & Coffee table  and Full Height series are offering to provide a full range product for the office space.

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